1. chicha morada

3. Inca Kola

4. Emoliente

2. Helado de lucuma

7. Mazamorra morada


  • 1. chicha morada pitcher $8.00 Peruvian sweet drink made of purple corn.(glass $2.50 )
  • 2. maracuya pitcher$6.00 Passion fruit juice (glass $2.00)
  • 3. Inca kola$1.75 Perú´s most famous soda.
  • 4. emoliente$2.50 cold or hot sweet infusion of herbs and spices, with excellent digestive propieties and also a great help in curing colds and flus.
  • 5. regular or decaffeinated coffee$1.75 
  • 6. Expresso regular or decaffeinated$2.00 
  • 7. regular or decaffeinated cappucino$2.50 


  • 1. Torta de tres leches$5.00 Dense, moist and light cake saaked with three types of milks, topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit (seasonal) or cherries.
  • 2. Helado de lucuma$5.50 Lucuma ice cream, Lucuma is a delicately flavored tropical fruit native from the cool highlands of South America
  • 3. Alfajores$4.00 Round baked biscuits joined together with a delicious rich, creamy "manjar blanco" (milk caramel spread) and a powdered sugar.
  • 4. Crema volteada$5.00 Peruvian style rice pudding made with chancaca (raw unrefined sugar crystallized with honey), pecans and choice of shredded coconut and/or whipped cream.
  • 5. Arroz zambito$5.00 Hearty chicken and cilantro rice soup.
  • 6. Arroz con leche$5.00 Creamy spanish rice pudding dessert with a touch of cinnamon. One of the most popular desserts in the latin world.
  • 7. Mazamorra morada$6.00 Sweet peruvian purple corn jelly.
  • 8. Combinado$5.50 Delicious combination of purple corn jelly and rice pudding.