2. Ensalada de palta


  • 16. Paisana salad$6.00 Organic spring mix greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, spanish olives, sliced mangoes, served with creamy huancaina dressing on the side.
  • 17. Ensalada de palta$7.00 Organic spring mix greens sliced fresh acocado, vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh cheese and oregano, served with homemade garlic dressing on the side.
  • 18. Tilapia salad$12.00 Organic spring mix greens, fresh strawberries (seasonal), pecans, dried cramberries, served with breaded pan-fried tilapia fish and raspberry dressing on the side.
  • 19. Caprese salad$7.00 Mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato on a bed of organic spring mix greens topped with chopped cilantro, red onions, Peruvian corn kernels and balsamic vinaigrette.


  • 20. Aguadito$5.00 Hearty chicken and cilantro rice soup.
  • 21. Chupe de camarones$6.00 Shrimps, rice, peas and carrots soup


  • 1. arroz$3.00 Rice
  • 2. maduros$4.00 fried sweet plantains
  • 3. papas fritas$3.50 French fries
  • 4. camote frito$4.00 Sweet potato fries
  • 5. salchipapa$5.00 French fries with sliced hot dogs
  • 6. choclo con queso$5.00 Boiled corn with white cheese
  • 7. cancha$3.00 Peruvian toasted corn