22. Arroz con Mariscos

23. Lomo Saltado

24. Aji de Gallina

28. Tacu tacu de mariscos

Main Courses

  • 22. Arroz con mariscos$17.00 “Peruvian Paella” made with seasoned rice,scallops, shrimps, calamari and mussels.
  • 23. Lomo saltado$15.00 Beef, fresh tomatoes, onions, yellow chili peppers and french fries sautéed with soy sauce and served with rice.
  • 24. Ají de gallina$13.00 thin strips of chicken in Peruvian yellow pepper sauce, served with rice on the side, dliced boiled egg and olives.
  • 25. Escabeche de pescado$13.00 Sautéed and baked fresh fish topped with marinared red onions and served with rice, sliced boiled egg, spanish olives and fresh peruviancheese.
  • 26. Arroz chaufa de pollo$11.00 Thin strips of chicken, rice, ginger, scrambled eggs, green onions and spices sauteed in soy sauce.
  • 27. Inti tacu tacu$16.00 Fried rice mixed with beans, garlic, onions and yellow chili peppers topped with one fried egg, sliced fried sweet plantains and breaded steak
  • 28. Tacu tacu de mariscos$17.00 Fried rice mixed with beans, garlic, onions and yellow peppers topped with a creamy shrimps and scallops sauce.
  • 29. Tacu tacu eggplant (vegetatian)$15.00 Pan-fried rice mixed with beans puree, galrlic, onions and Peruvian yellow chili peppers, served with baked eggplant
  • 30. Brocoli al "aji de gallina" (vegetarian)$13.00 Fresh steamed brocoli on a bed of Peruvian yellow pepper and cheese sauce, served with rice on the side.
  • 31. Salmon maracuya$15.00 Backed salmon on a bed of passion fruit "maracuya" sauce, served with rice on the side.
  • 32. Salmon and shrimps "a lo macho"$17.00 Baked salmon served with a creamy sauce made with tomato, Peruvian chili peppers, housemade onion and garlic paste and whole shrimps.
  • 33. Tallarines verdes con apanado de carne$13.00 Fettucini pasta in a homemade spinach and basil sauce, served with a thin, tender breaded steak and garlic bread.
  • 34. Tallarines verdes vegetariano(vegetarian)$13.00 Fettucine pasta in a homemade spinach and basil sauce, served with garlic bread and vegetables.
  • 35. Tallarines con pollo$13.00 Fettuccini pasta in a fresh tomato and carrot sauce with chicken served with garlic bread
  • 36. Seco de carne con frejoles6oz. $15.00- 12oz. $22.00 Beef tenderloin topped with Peruvian pepper sauce, cilantro and spices, served with beans and rice on the side
  • 37. Churrasco encebollado$22.00 12oz. sirloin beef steak topped with sauteed onions, served with choice of rice, french fries or yucca.
  • 38. Cerdo al horno$16.00 Pork tenderloin topped with sauce make of "panca chili", "chicha de jora" (maize beer), "huacatay" (black mint) and cilantro, served with choice of rice. quinoa, french fries or yucca.
  • 39. Pollo apanado$16.00 Sun-dried tomato crust chicken breast filled served with choice of quinoa and mushroom risotto, rice or yucca.